Take the 5-Day Free Evergreen Email Challenge
Take the 5-Day Free
Evergreen Email Challenge
STARTS Tuesday
October 18th @10 AM PST

Introducing the ANTIDOTE to "death by a million maybes"...
don't send another email before saving your seat in this challenge.


Introducing the ANTIDOTE to
"death by a million maybes"...
don't send another email before saving your seat in this challenge.

Evergreen Email Challenge
Evergreen Email Challenge

Convert More Leads to Customers on Autopilot with Evergreen Email



Convert More Leads to Customers on Autopilot with Evergreen Email



In just 5 days, build & install your own Evergreen Email Engine™ - a simple plug-and-play
funnel that uses our proven 8-part email system to make more sales while you sleep. 
Guaranteed to get more of your leads off the fence and into the Yes Yard.

What's included in the
free challenge?

  • 5-days of Focused Training
  • Detailed Playbook
  • Magic 8-Ball Email Swipe
  • ​Execution Plan Checklist
  • ​​Private group

Here’s what we’ll be uncovering each day of the challenge, so you finish the week with your Evergreen Email Engine™ installed and ready for action

Mind Reading Your Market

Together, we'll mine for gold and you'll discover how to speak to the single most important conversation in marketing. Discover the Belief Tapping process that will fuel your Evergreen Email Engine​™ and persuade the most unlikely leads to buy from you.

You: Instant Email Genius

We'll share our plug-and-play 8-part email template (the Magic 8-Ball email swipe file) and coach you through the copywriting process. At the end of Day 2, you will have created an asset that has the potential to generate cash flow for years to come. 

Building the Perpetual Sales Machine

Here's where the rubber meets the road, as we walk you through the buildout of your email campaign. But this will be no ordinary email series. Rather we'll help you craft a transformational experience for your prospects leaving them begging to pay you.

Surefire Conversion Boosters

Get our best growth hacks & marketing tips to get even more leads, more engagement and ultimately... more sales. Know exactly when , where and how to fine tune your Evergreen Email Engine over time to increase sales consistently. 

Endless Evergreen Blueprint

What next? Where do you take things from here?

Discover the single most important secret to evergreen success. We'll even give you our very own (and proven) Playbook as your map beyond the challenge, so you know exactly what to do to capitalize on the momentum created during the challenge.

Evergreen email sequences are a crucial part of 7-figure sales funnels and a huge part of live launches for industry-leading entrepreneurs... 

These email experts with a profitable evergreen marketing system know two things:

1. How to inspire decisive action from prospects with email

2. How to construct a system that does #1 on autopilot 

Ready to increase sales while you sleep with your own Evergreen Email Engine™ ?

From the desk of Jack Born
Dear friend,

Is “Maybe” silently killing your business?

How many of your leads are simply undecided,
lingering on the fence?

Their actions (or rather inaction) are saying
“let me think about it”

Which means they might as well be saying No.

So what if you could completely eliminate the fence?

Tough to sit on a fence that doesn’t exist, am I right?

You should know that it doesn’t matter how great your product or how dialed in your funnel is, if you cannot command a decision, yes OR no, from your prospects.
There is one critical piece required and we cannot
engineer results without it.
That piece is evergreen email.

More specifically…

Your Evergreen Email Engine™

What is this “engine” you ask?

It is a system. A series of automated emails, intentionally designed and thoughtfully coordinated, that forces your prospects to make a choice, without feeling coerced.

In fact, they will be thanking you for taking the reins and guiding them to a decision.

Because they WANT to make a decision.

They just need someone (YOU) to lead them.
But here’s the thing.
This kind of marketing must be done with the utmost of care.

Every piece of the system crafted and integrated properly, or you risk making less sales, not more.

I know because I have lost sales before.

I have lost as much as I have won.

And I have learned the lessons along the way. Lessons that I want to impart on you.

All that to say...
If I offered to help you build a high-converting evergreen email sequence (your very own Evergreen Email Engine™)...
  • With a super-fast turnaround... less than a week
  • Without any advanced knowledge required for what to write or how to set it all up
  • So you can start converting more of your leads into buyers while you sleep
...would you take me up on that offer?
If you're at all interested in increasing your sales with evergreen email, then I would like to personally invite you to join me and register now for the Evergreen Email Challenge.

I will be taking you through 5-days of guided instruction, swipe files and resources, that walk you step-by-step through our most popular (and most effective) evergreen marketing playbook.

What do you say?

You ready to go all in on yourself?

Because I'm ready to go all in on you, but you've got to meet me in the middle.
CEO & Founder of GrowthLeap,
Deadline Funnel and Voma

Meet The Coaches

Gabriel Ryan is a veteran Growth Strategist. His clients have created more than $100 million in sales implementing his campaigns & strategies.

Jack Born is the founder of Deadline Funnel. He is an international speaker on a mission to help marketers increase sales, achieve more and enjoy the freedom entrepreneurship offers.
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